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Aparna Saha Das

Interior Consultant, Interior Designer, Interior Stylist

Hi, Almost everyday I come across home owners who are in need of a design either for their new construction or a renovation. 

Interior Design is no more a luxury. Everyone wants a beautiful home / office / shop.

I have been a Designer, Consultant and Stylist for 4 years working with International and National clients helping them to make their space, a dream space.

If you are the one,

Who owns a new house and want to make it a beautiful place to live,

Who owns an existing property and wants to renovate,

Who want to gift your child a new look to his/her bedroom,

Who owns a commercial property and want to start generating income,

You are certainly looking for a Design Consultation.

Designing is a process, and it starts with a mere consultation

Before we meet, let me show you some of my work 


A Modern Kitchen


A Modern Farm House


An Eclectic Living Room


A Glam Sophisticated Living Area

And few more..

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-28 at 10.14.52 PM (6).jpeg

An empty space is a story waiting to happen!

Book a Consultation with Aparna Saha Das

Leave your details and we shall call you back

Thank you for booking a consultation. We offer a variety of services designed to suit your every design need. Whether you’re after a new look for your office/home/commercial space, or dreaming about a grand redesign - take a look at the portfolio and we shall contact you shortly.

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